Boo Bear

5-boo-bearI worked all day today and I feel like I accomplished nothing.

Today I received the Atomos Shogun and a camera rig for the Sony a7S, both to be featured in the upcoming launch of the Photon Collective. I fiddled around with them some but ultimately decided that I have no idea what video geeks get out of a rig like that. It looked kind of cool but it sure was a pain in the ass to setup. We’ll see, hopefully my friend Cody can help convince me otherwise.

We’re trying to put together some sort of film for the Photon Collective. A teaser of some sort or a short. I want it to show the world why I love photography but I’m still trying to figure out what that actually means and what that’s supposed to look like in a short film. I’ll sleep on it.

I was also trying to find a theme layout for Photon Collective and hoped to perform some design styling, make color swatches and pick typefaces for the site but I got completely hung up on the theme. I thought a lot of times “why doesn’t the internet just know exactly what I want and give it to me?” I guess I’ll sleep on that one too.

Tomorrow is the last day that we will be in LA before we travel up highway 395 to Reno to visit with my parents. We need to pack (a lot of gear), do an oil change and I hope to check off some of these things that are bothering me about Photon Collective before we leave.