Breaking a Grand… or Two


Here is Diana and our travel blog, North to South, breaking 1,656 views. By the end of the day, the blog had 2,060 views, its biggest day ever.

Most of the visitors were directed at Diana’s latest travel post on How to Fly from the US to Europe for Less than $200. North to South is one of Diana’s main projects. It’s where our non-photography travel centric musings go (or rather where Diana’s musing go… I still haven’t written my first article for North to South just yet, I’m still working on it).

I’m so very proud of Diana. I remember when Lonely Speck got its first big hit article shared on social media and break a thousand views. It’s small successes like this that characterize the blogging lifestyle and make it so profoundly rewarding.

I’m excited to see all of our projects grow and I’m greatly looking forward to many more small successes with Diana. Small moves.