Today was mostly frustrating. My car started making some pretty terrible noises on the way down from the ski hill yesterday so I decided to try and fix what I thought was a blown axle joint. Well, the axle was definitely in need of replacement and so I recruited the help of my dad to fix it. Two hours later, a new axle was in the car but the noises are still there so there’s something else going on. I really don’t enjoy having to diagnose car problems; I’d rather be taking photos.

We missed sunset at Tahoe but we managed to arrive at the first lookout along the eastern shore in the late twilight hours before it got completely dark. We managed to snap a few photos before we (mostly Diana) were too cold to stay outside much longer.

Exif Data:
Canon EOS 6D
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4
ISO 1250