First Runs of the Season


Today we hung out on my home turf: Heavenly Ski Resort.

Our friends Sha and Maya met us last night in Tahoe. After staying up late into this morning, we watched the SpaceX CRS-5 Mission, hoping that they would be able to land the first stage safely on a barge in the Atlantic. Apparently not-so much but the launch was successful for the progress of the Dragon to the ISS.

After sleeping, we all went skiing together today, the first runs of the season for Diana and me. We hit every single run that was open on the mountain, With the sparse amount of snow this season, it was easy to check all of them off the list.

Aprés ski, I worked a little bit on the log for the upcoming launch of Photon Collective, Sha’s boyfriend Joe finally met up with us and Sha made us all an excellent chicken dinner and everyone surprised me with a belated birthday pie. (I prefer pie over cake, no matter the occasion.)

After dinner we all walked over to Himmel House, got some beer, currywurst, spätzle and played Cranium Hoopla 2.5 times. Overall a fun packed day.