Hello Lamp


Today was the first day I announced publicly my new website, The Photon Collective.

Much in the style of Lonely Speck, I want Photon Collective to be as helpful a resource as I can make for creative photographers around the world. While Lonely Speck is an astrophotography and nightscape centric site, Photon Collective will branch out into the many other facets of creative photography including analog and cinematography. It will be the first time I seek out other talent for to become a part of my projects. In particular, I want the Photon Collective to become a force of its own, an outlet for my photography friends and colleagues to share and write about their photography.

Diana and I worked on releasing our first announcements of this site on facebook. We have a lot of content to create before the launch in February including a number of equipment reviews, tutorials and video reviews. Today’s image was made as returned to home after our busy day. The Cul-de-Sac that we are staying on has a lone street lamp and I think it has some character as it gazes down atĀ its companion fire hydrant and mailbox.