Lake Tahoe Glass


Today I’m 27.

Today we flew with my father in the Seabee Warbird up and over Sierras. Lake Tahoe was almost pure glass. We landed near D.L. Bliss State Park and near Emerald Bay, hopped over to Fallen Leaf Lake and did a splash-and-go and did one final dip near Baldwin Beach. It can be eerie flying over completely glass water because you can lose your depth perception. Staring down at the water, it’s impossible to tell if you are 1000 feet up or only 10. We made all of our landings in only the places where at least a light breeze was rippling the water.

I’ve made this flight many many times and it’s always amazing. We had Tahoe completely to ourselves, no boats, no other planes, only the occasional duck happily floating far below.