Diana and I struggled to complete this shot as the light of the day faded away. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use another levitation photo for my post of the day but as soon as we started taking the image that led to this photo, I knew the shot that I wanted to make and this is exactly how I imagined the final result in my mind.

This photo marks the completion of my first week of the Photonographer project. I’ve learned a lot about my own photography in just the last seven days and reinforced many of the thoughts that I have about what makes a good image. For example, it’s much easier to scrutinize your own photography when you know you can only choose a single image, even if you made of over 300 images (as I did today). Also, I’ve reinforced my appreciation for simplicity in a photograph. Maintaining a single theme, a point of focus, and a purpose for the photo is best achieved with simplification. After all, photography, in a way, is just the art of carefully placing a rectangle. What you choose to put in or leave out of that rectangle determines the final result. Make sure that everything in the frame contributes to the final result.

Exif Data:
Canon EOS 6D
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4
ISO 6400