The Olancha Meetup


We drove to Reno today and met with a good friend as he was on his way back to LA.

Cody Smith is a photographer and cinematographer friend that’s helping us launch the Photon Collective. We met with him today to try our hands at a super rushed 30 minute shoot with the new Atomos Shogun 4K video recorder, to be featured in a review on Photon Collective. We stopped along Route 99 in Owen’s Valley near the Olancha sand dunes to make some footage before the setting sun slipped behind the mountains. It was a rush job and we all had homes to get to so we packed up as soon as the sun departed and snapped this picture before we went our separate ways.

One the way back, Diana and I did one of my forgotten favorite things to do on long road trips: listen to TED talks. Sometimes I find that as long as I have something interesting to ponder, I have no trouble passing the time, especially on a long drive in the dark.

Today was also the last day I was 26. Upwards and onwards.