Thirty Eight

Redemption Foods


Today I helped out my good friend and fellow photographer/cinematographer Cody Smith on a film shoot at the now closing Redemption Foods in West Hollywood. This is Executive Chef, Joseph and Director of Public Relations, Phillip. I was most intrigued by Phillip’s stories of how Redemption foods helped him turn his life around after having been released on parole from 40 years of what would have been a life sentence. Phillip talked about how he robbed his way into prison and eventually killed a man in a fist fight while incarcerated, landing him a life sentence. It was only after participating in a special program that Phillip was able to meet parole almost 40 years later. Out of prison, he became one of the founding figures of Redemption Foods which is a highly rated restaurant that primarily employs ex-criminals that otherwise would have much difficulty acquiring a job. Redemption Foods will serve its last meal this Friday,  January 24. It’s apparently closing due to funding problems of some sort.