Thirty Five

Olympus 35 RD Rangefinder


The photos I took today were actually made with this: an Olympus 35 RD. I thought to experiment a little bit in film again and this is my weapon of choice. This particular copy had the notorious sticky shutter problem that affects all 35 RD cameras and the rangefinder was out of calibration. I managed to fix the stuck shutter by disassembling the camera with the instructions outlined here. The most difficult part was removing the shutter assembly from the lens. I didn’t manage to get it out exactly as the instructions laid out so I tried disassembling the shutter before removing it and when trying to pull it out, it released all at once, send shutter blades flying all over the table. I stayed up until 4am the next morning figuring out how to reassemble everything. But it works! The glass is perfectly clean and the shutter now actuates at all the right speeds. The meter works and I also adjusted the rangefinder and calibrated it by placing a focusing screen at the film plane. It’s perfectly adjusted now and should make some amazing photos. Just got to develop them now.